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crepe.jpgCrepe is generally a silk, rayon, or polyester with a finely pebbled or crinkled appearance. Crepe fabric generally has a soft hand and a gorgeous drape, and is great for a jacket or skirt.

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  • Karen Klein Charcoal Midweight Designer Crepe
    $7.99 $5.99 yd.

    What a beautiful midweight crepe. This is a poly/rayon blend crepe, perfect for a jacket, skirt, coat, cape, or anything else that you want to look fabulous in! It drapes like a dream! 58" wide, Machine wash cold, lay flat...

  • Tan Polyester Crépe Fabric
    $7.99 $3.75 yd.

    This is a quality midweight crêpe, which sells for much more in other stores.  We recently got these in on closeout, and we decided to pass the savings on to you! These are 100% polyester, 58" wide, drape well,...

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