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  • White/Hot Pink Two-tone Spike Faux Fur
Notes from the Owner

A whirlwind of color and texture, this amazing white and hot pink two tone spike fake fur will take your breath away. These furs are the perfect accent to add a touch of “punk” to any outfit, and are often used for leg warmers, hood linings, crazy hats, and more! 60” wide, with a 1” pile, and 2.5” spikes.

This faux fur fabric is made of 100% acetate fibers on a 100% polyester backing, and may shed slightly. We recommend that you cut under the hair of the fur, close to the backing, in order to avoid the mess usually involved when dealing with fake fur fabrics.

Acetate is a man made fiber which is derived from wood pulp, and is known for its luxurious feel.

Polyester is a strong, lightweight synthetic fabric that is wrinkle free and keeps its shape well.

Gently hand wash. Drip dry.

SKU: FF-0-925

White/Hot Pink Two-tone Spike Faux Fur

$49.99 $34.99 Per Yard

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